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25 Sep

Sept 2014: Trip in France 

Touch the “Creative solutions for a Wise City” on site.

The FCCIHK and its partners take 13 representatives of the Hong Kong governement in France for a 4 days trip

Visit of smart cities in France and "touch" the creative solutions proposed:

 - IssyGrid: smart-grid district in Issy Les Moulineaux
 - Le Fort d’Issy: eco-district in Issy Les Moulineaux
 - Green Office Meudon : positive-energy building
 - Multi-agency platform for Transport and/or Security applications demo-room
 - Strasbourg: city-wide traffic control system
 - Smart water distribution: visit of a research center
8 Apr

8 April: 2nd Collaborative Workshop 


This is the second round of collaborative workshops between Hong Kong Government Bureaus/Departments attendees and local/overseas experts from the WISE CITY initiative.

This full day workshop aims at investigating how the innovative ideas presented in the position paper “Creative solutions for a Wise City”, could be implemented in Hong Kong.

What a better place than, the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks to organize such event !


24 Feb

Creative solutions for a WISE CITY

Imagine a city in harmony. Citizens love to live there. Businesses want to grow there. Needs for vital resources are well addressed, and future changes have been anticipated and planned for. This harmonious city cannot happen by accident. It cannot result from today’s thinking and today’s solutions. It demands new thinking, new co-operation and new solutions. The design and management of urban infrastructures and services are key elements for shaping a better tomorrow.

“Creative solutions for a WISE CITY” is a position paper that shares the most innovative ideas available from the 13 members companies for achieving this vision.

On the 8 April 2014, a full day workshop is scheduled between the Hong Kong Government authorities and our local and overseas experts to discuss and challenge how these ideas could be implemented in Hong Kong.

20 Dec

HKU MBA Business Lab 2013 edition

The Business Lab is a HKU MBA program elective module that provides students the opportunity to pursue their passion for entrepreneurship. The aim of this module is to incubate the development and consolidation of business concepts whilst making use of all of the knowledge and tools learnt throughout the MBA program.

The 2013 edition started in August 2013 and ended up on the 20th of December with a finals session where 8 MBA teams (= 8 projects) presented a 15-minute pitch in front of a jury panel composed by several corporate executives including a representative of a Hong Kong based crowd funding company

4 projects have investigated innovative solutions’ for a Wiser Hong Kong:

  1. SPPUL HK (Smart Portal for Public Utilities) is a centralized solution to the Hong Kong citizens for accessing public utility services. Through this unique platform, Hong Kong citizens would be able to manage their utility usage history and bill payment across all the utility services companies such as water, electricity and gas – Wise City sponsorship,
  2. Hong Kong One is an outdoor smart enablement interface that propose new services, in an interactive way with citizens and visitors: such as engaging with the Hong Kong Government through crowdsourcing / opinion polls, or finding immediate proximity of specific retail/event/F&B, etc - No corporate sponsor,
  3. Smart Building HK identifies how the concept of Smart Building could impact the energy consumption in the small building segment of Hong Kong - Wise City sponsorship,
  4. Green Lease HK investigates how to land the concept of Green Lease in Hong Kong and how it can help solving building resources consumption in Hong Kong - Wise City sponsorship,

For this 2013 edition, the winner is Hong Kong One team who gets the opportunity to be crowd funded by a Hong Kong based crowd funding platform.

30 Nov

Answer the 2014 Digital 21 Strategy Public Consultation

2014 Digital 21 Strategy is the blueprint for Hong Kong’s overall development in information and communications technology (ICT).  Entitled “Smarter Hong Kong, Smarter Living”, this new strategy outlines initiatives under four strategic thrusts:

  1. Empowering Everyone

  2. Igniting Business Innovation

  3. Supporting a Thriving ICT Industry

  4. Transforming and Integrating Public Services

As the fourth pillar aims to shape the way forward to Smart City Infrastructure, WISE CITY is devoted to share its vision, recommendations and overseas references in terms of Smart Water, Smart Building, Smart Mobility, Smart Integration, etc.

Source : 2014 DIGITAL 21 STRATEGY 

29 Oct

29 October: Collaborative Workshop

Representatives from the WISE CITY Task Force, have interacted with various Hong Kong Government Bureaus and Departments attendees. For each of the 5 selected themes, the objective has been to build a common understanding of the current state in terms of needs and priorities. The intended output of each working group was an "issue landscape", gathering specific pain points on which WISE CITY consortium can provide recommendations in terms of technology, know-how, business model, etc . This will enables the selection of suitable experts from WISE CITY members companies to form an interdisciplnary transformation team. These experts will work with city officials and stakeholders in the next series of collaborative workshops, to create concrete recommendations for the city sustainable strategy, and deliver different deliverables on the "solution landscape". 

The collaborative innovation process used during the workshop has received a very good feedbacks from participants attendees that are looking forward to the successful completion of the exercise with some useful ideas to take forward in :

  1. Rejuvenating the older parts of the city
  2. Developing  new generation of new towns
15 Oct

D-14  before the first collaborative workshop

During the last four months, WISE CITY members and HKU MBA students, have participated actively in understanding the current situation in terms of challenges / programs / priorities in regards to the 5 selected themes. Pulic documents  from the Hong Kong Government, local and worldwide business experiences from the WISE CITY members  have been used for this exercise.

Thanks to the collaborative innovation process methodology, the intended output from each working group has been transfered and structured into a set of posters. These posters will be used as a  tool to animate the conversation on 29 October workshop with various Departments and Bureaus from the Hong Kong government.

Why are the posters important? The posters allow people to merge reading and graphic learning and transcend differences in vocabulary, language and culture.

Wait and See…

29 Aug

First Meeting with Hong Kong Government  - Development Bureau

This first meeting aimed to:

  • Position the intention of Wise City,
  • Present the structure of the one year program,
  • Introduce the various engaged stakeholders in this initiative,

As a major outcome, a first workshop using the collaborative innovation process methodology has been scheduled end of October. The objective is to establish a joint view between WISE CITY members and different Hong Kong Government Bureaus and Departments attendees on the current state as it relates to the 5 Major Themes selected by WISE CITY.

1 Aug

HKU MBA students join hands to work with WISE CITY

2013-2014 HKU MBA promotion decided to support WISE CITY initiative all along the year. 

A team composed by 6 international students will support the CITY PLATFORM working group during the year. As a first assignment, the students will investigate the following areas:

  • Existing “best practices“ in regards to Global Smart City initiatives, success cases and overall rankings
  • The need of Hong Kong “end user “reflecting both the Government and Citizen perspective
  • State of the Art’s Information availability/silos, relevant to considerations for integration, standardization and streamlining of the major themes selected for WISE CITY
  • The status of the Hong Kong ecosystem across the five major “verticals”
25 Jul

WISE CITY in the press

The French business community has also begun to tout its vision of Hong Kong decades into the future. The Wise City project, spearheaded by FCCIHK and involving 13 companies, will put forward “a collaborative vision on what the city could look like 20 years from now,” says Julie Pourtois, head of member services at the chamber. Among other things, the initiative proposes solutions to improve infrastructure and reduce pollution in the city with expertise provided by French businesses — which could mean another spike in the influx of expatriates, should the plan see fruition.

Source : with its french population soaring hong kong emerges as asias gallic capital

23 Jul

Chief Secretary for Administration of Hong Kong Government 


WISE CITY is honored to receive the support of Chief Secretary for Administration, Carrie lam. In this regards, the different milestones of the one year project (seminars, workshops, symposium, etc) will get the support and engagement of various Government Bureaus and Departments.

30 Jun

Collaborative Innovation Process

The Collaborative Innovation Process is a proven methodology used by one of the WISE CITY member companies overseas, when it comes to collaboration across silos engaging multi-stakeholders into a complex environment.

It is a repeatable process that aims to produce and filter ideas by making members collaborate and not compete.

In this regards, our one year program will incorporate a series of workshops leveraging this innovative methodology.

The Collaborative Innovation Process is a proven methodology used by one of the WISE CITY member companies overseas, when it comes to collaboration across silos engaging multi-stakeholders into a complex environment.

It is a repeatable process that aims to produce and filter ideas by making members collaborate and not compete.

In this regards, our one year program will incorporate a series of workshops leveraging this innovative methodology.

15 Jun

5 strategic axes have been identified

Based on the needs of Hong Kong city, its long term vision to become a smart/green city and incorporating the global expertise/know how of the 13 members companies of WISE CITY consortium, 5 strategic axes have been identified

  • Solid Waste Management
  • Water Supply and Waste Water Management
  • Mobility
  • Building
  • City Platform for Government and Citizens

These themes may evolve over the period of engagement. At present, it’s anticipated that four to six member companies will wish to participate actively in each theme.

In the coming  months, the WISECITY HONG KONG Project Manager and 13 member companies will conduct a due diligence to better understand:

  • What is the TODAY current situation (Programs & Priorities, Challenges),
  • Where Hong Kong would like to be in 10 to 20 years (Improvements & Benefits)

To make it happen, this preliminary work will be based on public documents from the Hong Kong Government ,Hong Kong  business culture experience from the 13 companies, interviews from key city stakeholders and worldwide success stories.

1 Jun

13 companies join hands to support WISE CITY

Collaboration is the key to make it happen.

No company or organization can approach the city scope alone.

In this regards, 13 respected companies join hands to support WISE CITY. These companies (Large corporations and SMEs) have been based in Hong Kong for decades, long term contributors to the city landscape.

For the first time in Hong Kong, they have decided not to compete, but collaborate beyond the boundaries of their individual companies to achieve breakthrough results.

To make it happen, a young recruit has been hired to coordinate the initiative.

Source: FCCIHK

31 Jan

The birth of WISE CITY initiative

Why should Hong Kong City become smarter?

More than half of the world's population today lives in cities and this is anticipated to rise to 70 per cent by 2030, underscoring the role of cities as engines of economic growth and the need to adress the rise in carbon emissions which result from such economic activity. This need has inspired the emergence of "Smart City" initiatives accross the globe. "Smart"has become interchangeable with "Sustainable", but it is more than that. A smart city is one that integrates all the key resources - energy, waste, water, transport, etc - using innovative technologies. We believe Hong Kong can and should become a Smart City.

Ultimately, the outcome of a Smart City is quality of life, and Hong Kong needs it to retain its most imortant resource of all - its people and their talent.

Source : Green Business 2013 Hong Kong